• Download our PDF templates showing bleeds & maximum live area.
  • General: Please provide high/press quality PDFs. Please use page numbers whenever possible. We understand that many times lower resolution artwork has been provided to the paper and can't be fixed but we call to your attention anything under 200dpi in your preflight report. For best quality, images should be at least 300 dpi at 100%, lower res files will not be as sharp.
  • CMYK required, ALL fonts embedded.
  • Do not include printer’s marks or page information.
    Distiller Settings:
  • General: Compatibility Acrobat 4.0
    Binding: Left
  • Resolution: at least 1200 - 2400 maximum
    All other options off
  • Compression: JPEG compression image quality MAXIMUM Downsample color/greyscale images to 300 dpi for images over 450dpi
  • Monochrome not lower than 1200
  • Fonts: Embed all fonts
  • Subset embedded fonts when less than 100%
  • Be sure that there are not any fonts listed in the “Never Embed” window
  • Color: Setting File: NONE
  • Leave Color Unchanged
  • Preserve Under Color Removal and Black Generation
  • Advanced: Process DSC
  • Resize page and center artwork for EPS
  • Preserve document information from DSC
  • PDFs may be single pages or one multipage file, spreads are not required.Please do not send files in reader’s spreads.Files should be named to be easily identified.